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Nursing Recognition at The Miriam Hospital

Recognizing Excellence

Through the generosity of our donors and the hospital commitment to recognizing employees who deliver health with CARE (compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence), The Miriam Hospital supports several scholarships and awards. Hospital awards include Miriam Gold, for exemplary customer service, and awards for employee and manager of the month and the year,

The Arthur and Joyce Hurvitz Quality Award annually honors three interprofessional hospital improvement teams that have a significant nursing presence and have made the largest impact by improving patient outcomes, saving lives, and reducing costs at The Miriam Hospital. In 2018, three interprofessional teams, co-led by nurses, received awards for their work improving patient safety and patient outcomes. 

Nursing Recognition Programs

Department of nursing recognition includes:

  • The DAISY Award
    The DAISY Award recognizes nurses for compassion and clinical expertise. The Miriam Hospital is a proud partner of the DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Foundation which was established in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died of complications of an auto-immune disease. Quarterly, The Miriam Hospital Unit Council Steering Committee solicits nominations and reviews all nominees in a blind peer review process to select the nurse who best meets award criteria and who models caring relationships.
  • The Jaffe Foundation Award for Excellence in Nursing
    Edwin Jaffe established this award after being a patient at The Miriam Hospital. He was so impressed with the quality of the nursing care that he funded the award to recognize nurses for their commitment to providing superior nursing care.
    More about the Jaffe Foundation Award for Excellence in Nursing
  • The Henry Izeman, MD Nursing Leadership Award
    Dr. Izeman was one of the earliest board-certified geriatricians in Rhode Island. Throughout his medical career, he couldn’t say enough nice things about his nursing colleagues. Established in 2012, this award provides a lasting tribute to Dr. Izeman and to the invaluable contribution of nurses. It recognizes a nurse leader who has demonstrated significant leadership in the cultivation of an environment of safety and nursing excellence.
    More about the Henry Izeman, MD Nursing Leadership Award
  • The Hurvitz Fund 
    The Hurvitz Fund provides financial support for education and attendance at conferences.

Professional Community Awards

Active in their professional organizations and communities, The Miriam Hospital nurses continue to receive recognition from, and hold offices in, state and national organizations.

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