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The Miriam Hospital Philosophy of Nursing

The philosophy of nursing at The Miriam Hospital is predicated upon patient centered, relationship-centered care. Emphasis on the creation of a caring, therapeutic and synergistic relationship with patient and family underpins the model of care delivery. The uniqueness of every individual is acknowledged through compassion, respect and attention to cultural and ethnic diversity. Through advocacy and the nursing process, the professional nurse serves as coordinator of care for the patient with the goal of restoration of optimal health according to how the patient defines health. The nurse works collaboratively with the patient and interprofessional team to identify individualized goals of therapy, to assess the patient’s response to illness and to address physical as well as psychosocial adaptation.

Patient with nurse
Our nurses help patients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Autonomous, Accountable, Authoritative

The nurse is a professional who functions autonomously and makes independent clinical decisions based on their knowledge and education. The nurse has the accountability, responsibility and authority to coordinate patient care within and across the continuum, providing education, counseling and guidance. Nursing practice at The Miriam Hospital is based on standards of professional excellence, which become the framework to achieve positive patient outcomes. Refinement of nursing practice is based on evidence provided by research, scholarly inquiry, standards, best practices and quality improvement efforts.

Professional Growth, Exemplary Practice Environment

The Miriam Hospital recognizes that excellent nursing care is contingent upon each nurse's professional responsibility to maintain continual self-learning and enrichment, and to pursue professional growth opportunities, including education, and professional organization and community involvement. In maintaining the standards of excellence pervasive in The Miriam Hospital's culture, the organization supports the professional in these endeavors and strives to create an exemplary professional practice environment.

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