Careers at Lifespan Health System

Nursing Leadership

The mission of Rhode Island Hospital nursing leadership is to provide a model of caring that demonstrates cooperative involvement, communication, and commitment to the needs of patients and families. Nursing leadership assumes accountability and responsibility for supporting the delivery of excellent care. The rights of patients are guaranteed by providing a professional nursing staff to assess their physical and emotional needs with skill and compassion.

Our vision is for a proactive nursing leadership structure that participates in all aspects of the care delivery system. The Nursing Leadership philosophy creates and supports an environment that provides competent, culturally responsive, patient- and family-focused care.

Our belief is that this philosophy can be implemented through:

  • Responsive organizational structure
  • Participative management principles
  • Open, consistent and respectful communication
  • Empowered decision making at each level of practice
  • A nursing practice model that embraces research and publication
  • Multidisciplinary team building and collaboration