Careers at Lifespan Health System

Our Values and Philosophy

It is our mission that each patient and family be valued and accepted for their distinctive culture and heritage. It is our vision to provide all patients and families with competent, compassionate care coordinated by a professional nurse. We are committed to providing care across the age and developmental continuum within our community.

We will accomplish this mission through the provision of professional nursing practice, research and education

Compassion and Commitment to Ourselves

  • We support the integration of healthy practices into our personal lives.
  • We respect our own self-worth and that of others.
  • We have the courage to embrace new ideas and changes.
  • We foster pride in our accomplishments.
  • We recognize the need to take care of ourselves to effectively care for others.

Compassion and Commitment to our Profession

  • We build our practice upon the framework of the nursing process: by assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating our patients' care.
  • We deliver care in a manner which embraces collaboration within a multidisciplinary team.
  • We have a professional commitment to teach as well as learn, and to share our knowledge with others.
  • We have a responsibility to provide an environment of caring.
  • We have a duty to advance our practice through research, scholarship, leadership and mentorship.
  • We provide a model that stimulates professional growth from novice to expert nursing practice.
  • We care for the whole person in a dynamic interaction.

Compassion and Commitment to our Community

  • We support the integration of services across the continuum, facilitating access to care.
  • We identify and acquire the needed resources to support optimal care outside of the hospital.
  • We provide safe transition from hospital to community settings through comprehensive discharge planning.
  • We participate in wellness education for patients and families to improve their health status.
  • We strive to meet the needs of patients outside of the hospital through integrated case management.

Compassion and Commitment to our Patients and Families

  • We affirm our mission to provide competent and compassionate care coordinated by a professional nurse.
  • We guarantee our patients' confidentiality.
  • We are committed to meet the physical, developmental, and emotional care needs of our patients.
  • We value and encourage the contributions that families make in the care of their loved ones.
  • We respect our families' need for privacy.
  • We embrace our patients' ethnic and cultural heritages.