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Alzheimer's Prevention Trials

Alzheimer's Prevention Trials (APT) Webstudy

If you are 50 years of age or older, you can monitor your own cognitive health by participating in the APT webstudy. The APT webstudy is designed to identify people who may have an increased risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, using the latest technology to monitor their cognitive performance through regular online memory testing. Volunteers of the APT webstudy participate at their convenience, anywhere they have access to the internet.  

APT webstudy participants benefit by:

  • Having their cognitive health assessed over time; 
  • Being on the ‘fast track’ for relevant clinical trials to prevent Alzheimer’s; 
  • Making an invaluable contribution to advancing Alzheimer’s research, perhaps helping those in the research field find the first Alzheimer’s survivor; and,
  • Helping ensure that future generations do not experience Alzheimer’s and its difficult challenges. 
Alzheimer Prevention Trials (APT) Webstudy

Be a Part of the Research

To participate in the APT webstudy or to learn more, please visit

Trial Ready Cohort for the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia (TRC-PAD)

Those identified to have a potential increased risk for memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s disease, will be referred from the APT webstudy to the TRC-PAD in-person study. The purpose of TRC-PAD is to find as many people as possible (also called a “cohort”) who are interested in participating in clinical trials aimed at discovering treatments that will reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s dementia. TRC-PAD will help researchers enroll participants into these trials quickly to allow new treatments to be discovered as soon as possible. Participants do not have to participate in the TRC-PAD study in order to participate in the online APT webstudy.

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