Cardiovascular Surgery

Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute

Outstanding Care Before, During, and After Heart Surgery

The Cardiovascular Surgery program of the Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of both basic and complex disorders of the heart.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of four board-certified cardiac surgeons who work with our critical care nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, perfusionists, respiratory and physical therapists and anesthesiologists to deliver outstanding care before, during, and after surgery.

Quality of Life Approach

Care is provided on an individual basis; we calculate how the surgery will affect each aspect of a patient’s life to determine how best to proceed. We have the expertise to offer a range of alternatives. Our staff is also specially trained to support patients as they prepare for and recover from open-heart surgery. We can offer reassurance and answer any questions that patients and families have about their procedures. We call this our “Quality of Life” approach.

The Most Advanced Procedures and Technology Available.

We routinely employ minimally invasive techniques and technology for patients with a broad range of cardiac problems, such as valvular disease or coronary artery disease. We are highly experienced with techniques such as minimally invasive off-pump coronary artery bypass and less invasive approaches to cardiac surgery. Keyhole surgery techniques have also been effective in repairing heart valves and congenital heart defects.

Widespread use of these techniques means that many of our patients leave the hospital within four days of their operation and return to work within two or three weeks.

We also offer an innovative array of more traditional invasive cardiac surgeries for coronary artery disease, valvular disease, surgery on the aorta, heart rhythm abnormalities, and heart failure. We perform all types of complex cardiac surgeries each year with a high success rate, directly attributable to our vast experience and caring team of varied subspecialists.

Clinical Trials

Research and Clinical Trials at LCVI

Research is currently being conducted to learn more about cardiovascular disease and how it affects our patients.

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