Center for Advanced Lung Care

Center for Advanced Lung Care Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to keep the same provider?

Yes. You will be cared for by the same Brown Medicine providers: Corey Ventetuolo, James Klinger, Christopher Mullin, Navneet Singh, Mary Whittenhall, and Kate Guthrie. We are only changing our outpatient clinic location and increasing our resources to provide you with the best care.

When is this new facility scheduled to open and what is the new address?

We have begun construction of our new center, currently scheduled to open in June 2024. Our new address is 146 West River Street, Suite 11A, Providence, Rhode Island 02904.

How much of my medical record will be transferred to the new location?

The amount of your medical record transferred depends on the selection you make when signing your Brown Medical Information Release form. You can select records from a specific provider (including testing, medications, or procedures this provider has ordered) or transfer your entire medical record. 

Due to my illness, I have continuous oxygen always supplied to me. Will there be oxygen available at the new location?

Yes. We will continue to have the ability to supply oxygen to you at our center and assist in transitioning you back to your own oxygen supply prior to departure. 

Will I be able to see my other providers (such as specialists and primary care provider) at Brown Medicine?

Yes. You will still be able to see any other specialist or primary care provider at the Brown Medicine clinics where you are currently seen. 

Are there handicap parking spots at 146 West River Street?

Yes. There are six handicap parking slots located on the south side of the building. Our new office is located on the first floor, making it readily handicap accessible for our patients to enter and exit the building. 

Is there any place to get food while waiting for an appointment?

There is currently no restaurant located at 146 West River Street. However, there are several fast-food restaurants less than a mile away from this location. 

What are some of the services and procedures at the new facility?

Our goal for moving locations is to consolidate our resources and increase accessibility for our patients. We will have our own pulmonary function test and echocardiogram laboratories. There are plans for an infusion lab in the same building in the future. We also will have patient navigators and a pharmacist team to assist patients. 

With the temporary George Washington Bridge closure, I may have a difficult time arriving to my appointment on time.

We understand that it may be difficult to arrive to your appointment because of road construction. Please allow for additional travel time if possible. We will continue to offer telemedicine appointments to patients who have difficulty arranging transportation for appointments. Our center is integrated with other healthcare facilities, and we may be able to offer testing and procedures at other locations. 

I take public transportation, where is the nearest bus drop off and pick up location?

Our center is accessible with RIPTA via the Route 58 bus. The bus drops off at West River St. and Corliss St. It is approximately a 2-minute walk from the bus stop to the front door. Please visit the link below to view inbound and outbound times and locations:

View the RIPTA Bus 58 schedule