Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine

A History of the Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine

Our Foundations

The history of the Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine (CBPM) dates back to 1976 when the Division of Behavioral Medicine was established at The Miriam Hospital.

In 1990, the Center was founded as the focal point for conducting research on behavioral and preventive medicine at the hospital. Over the years, CBPM has made significant contributions to the field of health research and has established itself as a leader in the domain of behavioral medicine.

In 1998, CBPM was officially designated as the hub for research on behavioral and preventive medicine at Brown University and the Lifespan Academic Medical Center. This recognition reinforcedthe Center's position as a premier research institution int he field and facilitated the expansion of its research activities.

Past and Present

Over the past 30 years, the Center has enjoyed sustained growth. The Center has generated a cumulative total of well over $100 million in external research revenue support since its creation.

CBPM has evolved and expanded its research endeavors over the years, and its success can be attributed to the contributions of its dedicated team of research scientists. The Center's commitment to excellence, collaboration, and impact has resulted in grounbreaking research that has influenced the development of new health promotion and disease management approaches.

Our past leaders have included:

  • 1990 to 2004: David Abrams, PhD
  • 2004 to 2011: Bess Marcus, PhD
  • 2011 to 2020: Michael Carey, PhD
  • 2020 to now: Laura Stroud, PhD

Future Directions

As we look towards the future, CBPM remains committed to advancing the science of health and behavior through cutting-edge research and innovative approaches. We are proud of our rich history and invite you to learn more about our journey and the exciting research projects that we are currently engaged in.

Our Mission

What We Do