Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine
Behavior and Mood of Babies, Adolescents, and Mothers

The BamBam Lab

The BAMBAM Lab is the nexus where academics and medicine meet to study the behavior and mood of babies, adolescents, and mothers (BAMBAM). Research incorporates both neurobiological and behavioral markers of risk, and focuses on two sensitive periods of development: the fetal-infant transition, and the adolescent/pubertal transition.

Laura R. Stroud, PhD, senior research scientist and founding director of the maternal-infant studies laboratory and the child and adolescent stress laboratory at the Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine, leads the BAMBAM research team.

Current Studies

Research studies are currently underway and include the BAMBAM 3D, which is investigating specific effects of maternal prenatal marijuana use on infant neurobehavior, “Let’s Talk About Hookah,” which is looking into the obstetrical complications of waterpipe tobacco, and the 3D Ultrasound Study, which is researching the impact of e-cigarettes on fetal growth, brain development, and infant neurobehavior.

Train with BAMBAM

The lab welcomes motivated and dedicated undergraduate interns, predoctoral residents, and postdoctoral fellows to become pivotal members of its team.

Join a Study

The lab is recruiting for qualified participants to join its current studies.

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