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Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine Predoctoral Training

Predoctoral Students: 2023 to 2024

Gina Erato Garza, MS Headshot

Gina Erato Garza, MS

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Janet Joseph, BS

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Laura Laumann, MS


For the past three decades, the behavioral medicine track in the Brown Internship Consortium has been ranked among the top training programs in the United States. Each year, we recruit six to seven residents from leading PhD programs to join the behavioral medicine track. These residents attend seminars, provide clinical services throughout the hospital, and receive supervision. They also participate in year-long research placements with research scientists in the Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine (CBPM).

CBPM research scientists lead didactic seminars, sponsor research placements, and serve as research and professional mentors. During their research placements, residents collaborate as active members of research teams; most residents will present research findings at professional conferences and publish these findings in professional, peer-reviewed journal publications. After completing their internship, many residents continue with full-time research training as postdoctoral fellows.

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CBPM faculty are especially involved in the Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine track of the internship and serve as dedicated Research Placement Supervisors.