Community Asthma Programs
Hasbro Children's Hospital

Home Asthma Response Program (HARP)

HARP is an intensive home-based asthma management intervention program specifically for children with poorly controlled asthma and their families. HARP provides individualized asthma education, self-management strategies, and supplies for home environmental remediation. 

How the Program Works

Over the course of 3 home visits, our team works with the family to provide education and formulate goals, conducts an environmental home walk-through to identify potential asthma triggers, and instructs families on how to utilize strategies and supplies to remediate triggers within the home. Resources and referrals for other needs are provided, as needed.

HARP also seeks to improve coordination and communication between caregivers, school nurses, and health care providers. As part of this process, our staff work with the families and health care providers to obtain the child’s current Asthma Action Plan (AAP), make it accessible to the child’s school nurse, and review it with the family.

Call 401-444-8340 to see if your child is eligible for the HARP program.