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Rhode Island Hospital, with its Hasbro Children’s Hospital, is the only Level 1 Trauma and Burn Center for adults and pediatric patients within southeastern New England. Many critically ill or injured patients from regional hospitals who require a higher level of care are transferred to Rhode Island Hospital and its Hasbro Children’s Hospital. 

Jodi Russell, RN with PACT

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Referring doctors at other hospitals can contact our transport team at 401-444-3000.

In 1992, Hasbro Children’s Hospital established an interfacility pediatric critical care transport service. The transport team was staffed with an emergency medical technician (EMT), a paramedic, an on-call intensive care nurse, and a physician. Over time, the need for both pediatric and adult critical care transport continued to grow.

In 1999, Rhode Island Hospital and Brown Emergency Medicine began a multi-year federally funded research project, the Rhode Island Disaster Initiative (RIDI). Phase 3 of RIDI formed LifeGuard EMS (Emergency Medical Services), a critical care transport and disaster response demonstration project. The LifeGuard EMS team included two critical care paramedics and an Emergency Medicine physician providing around the clock care and transport for critically ill and injured adult patients from referring hospitals to specialized acute care and /or trauma centers. 

In 2006, the two teams merged to form LifePACT, a Pediatric and Adult Critical Care Transport program dedicated to high quality safe care and transport of patients throughout the Rhode Island region. With experienced providers ready to serve Rhode Island and surrounding communities in bridging the care gap between healthcare organizations, this expanded and patient focused capability cares for and transports approximately one thousand patients annually, saving many lives. 

LifePACT History of Service


Hasbro Children's Hospital forms a pediatric transport service using an on-call ambulance.


Brown University Department of Emergency Medicine creates the Rhode Island Disaster Initiative (RIDI) and plans a mobile disaster response team.


Brown University Department of Emergency Medicine forms LifeGuard EMS, a critical care transport service and disaster response team with a custom ambulance.


Rhode Island Hospital and its Hasbro Children's Hospital forms the dedicated Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team, which uses an on-call ambulance.


The Pediatric Transport Team merges with LifeGuard EMS to form LifePACT, the Pediatric and Adult Critical Care Transport Program of Rhode Island Hospital and its Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

ExpressCare, the transfer and access center, is formed to coordinate interfacility transfers and patient referrals for physicians.


Supported by Hasbro Inc., a custom pediatric critical care ambulance joins the fleet.


Rhode Island Hospital and its Hasbro Children's Hospital form MeComm, a medical communications center for coordinating radio traffic, patient tracking, and hospital capacity notification and activity with state, EMS, flight, and other agencies. 


LifePACT Critical Care Transport's mission continues: Delivering health with care. More than 5,000 patients have been transported.


Rhode Island Hospital and its Hasbro Children's Hospital, and Brown University celebrate the ten-year anniversary of providing adult and pediatric critical care transport services.

The LifePACT Mission Statement 

Our mission is to provide safe transport and multidisciplinary care that exemplify our shared values of CARE (Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence).