LifePACT Critical Care Transport Service

Meet the LifePACT Team

The LifePACT critical care teams work autonomously to perform advanced medical procedures and pharmacology-based decisions, with protocols developed by and under the supervision of our medical directors.

Paramedics and nurses complete an extensive and comprehensive orientation program that includes supervised transports, medical equipment competencies, and both didactic and simulation training. 

EMTs complete a comprehensive program that includes supervised transports, equipment competencies and Emergency Vehicle Operations Certification.


Kenneth A. Williams, MD Headshot

Kenneth A. Williams, MD

Adult Medical Director, LifePACT Transport Team

Ranna Rozenfeld, MD Headshot

Ranna Rozenfeld, MD

Division Director, Pediatric Critical Care, and Pediatric Medical Director, LifePACT Pediatric Transport Team

Patricia Carreiro, BSN, RN Headshot

Patricia Carreiro, BSN, RN

Clinical Manager

Nelson Pedro, NREMTP Headshot

Nelson Pedro, NREMTP

Operations Manager

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Kerri-Lynn Sobel, BA