Lifespan Cancer Institute

Sexual Health First Responders Clinic

Advances in cancer treatment have led to increasing numbers of long-term survivors. In turn, this brings greater attention to the unique needs and health issues of those patients. Men and women who have been treated for cancer often experience issues related to sexual health and intimacy. This can affect their relationship with their partner and their general quality of life. However, despite increased awareness of the needs of cancer survivors, sexual health and intimacy issues are still difficult areas for many patients to discuss with their clinicians. In multiple studies, sexual health has shown to be an unmet need of survivors, both those in remission and those living with cancer.

At the Lifespan Cancer Institute, we believe that a diagnosis or treatment of cancer should never impact sexual health and well-being.

The Sexual Health First Responders Clinic at Rhode Island Hospital offers patients individualized consultation and treatment for sexual health issues. We provide a multidisciplinary approach to address the many facets and areas of sexual health.

The Sexual Health First Responders Clinic is led by Don S. Dizon, MD, a nationally and internationally recognized expert in the field of sexual health issues of cancer patients. The initial evaluation includes a comprehensive intake and physical examination. At this visit, open to both patients and their partners, you can expect a private and safe space to explore the intimate issues that are important to you.

The team at the Sexual Health First Responders Clinic brings together specialists in both men’s and women’s sexual health, including Martin Miner, MD, at the Men’s Health Center at The Miriam Hospital and Doreen Wiggins, MD.

If you are a cancer patient and concerned about or experiencing difficulties related to your sexual health, call 1-844-222-2881 to schedule an appointment.