Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute


The purpose of this registry is to better understand how patients diagnosed with an abnormal heart rhythm called Atrial Fibrillation or A-Fib are cared for by their health care provider and what happens to them as a result of the care they receive, and in particular, the drug therapy they receive and their associated outcomes.

Being enrolled in this observational registry means that a patient will be cared for just as if they were not enrolled, however, information will be gathered from the patient and their health-care provider. Approximately 15,000 men and women, ages 21 years or older, who are newly diagnosed with A-Fib or have had A-Fib and are being treated with the newer anti-coagulant drugs are expected to participate. The patients would be followed for 2 years. The study is being sponsored by Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC.

Rhode Island Hospital
Cardiac Projects Office