Lifespan Pharmacy
Your Onsite Source for Medication and Consultation

About Lifespan Pharmacy

Part of Your Care Team

Consider your pharmacist at Lifespan Pharmacy as part of your health care team. We communicate with your physician to provide comprehensive, safe care. Our experienced pharmacy representatives are specially trained to assist you with everything from answering commonly asked questions about your medication to medication delivery.

As part of Lifespan, we are close to your health care provider and close to where you live. Your physician can electronically transmit your prescription to the pharmacy and we can start working on filling your prescription right away.

Pharmacist filling a syringe

Lifespan Pharmacy Annual Reports

Learn about pharmacy services and programs. Read Lifespan Pharmacy's Annual Reports:

  • 2023 Annual Report (Web | PDF)
  • 2022 Annual Report (Web | PDF)
  • 2021 Annual Report (PDF)

Who We Serve

Lifespan’s pharmacies serve a wide range of patients, those with common conditions, as well as those with rare disease states, including, but not limited to: asthma, cancer, cystic fibrosis, growth hormone disorders, bleeding disorders, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, hypercholesterolemia, infertility, inflammatory diseases, substance use disorders, multiple sclerosis, transplant and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Personal Service

Lifespan Pharmacy can handle all your prescription needs. Our pharmacists are your personal on-site source for medicine information and safety, and will gladly answer your questions about prescriptions and medicines, including:

  • Dosages
  • Interactions with food or other medicines
  • Side effects
  • Safety


We help you maximize your pharmacy budget by working with your physicians and insurance company to find the least expensive, fully effective medications to manage your health. Our prescriptions are competitively priced and we accept most insurance plans.


Our mission is to provide our patients with integrated and coordinated care that is of the highest level of quality, safety, and satisfaction. Our unique model of an ambulatory pharmacy embedded within the health system facilitates collaboration with all healthcare professionals and fosters safe transitions of care. This infrastructure allows for a patient-centered continuum of care relating to medications, the most critical element of disease management outcomes.