Lifespan Physician Group Pediatric Primary Care

Lifespan Physician Group Pediatric Primary Care Prescriptions


It is helpful for us if you know the exact name and dose of the medication(s) your child is taking. This will assure accurate record keeping and prescribing on our part. It is also difficult for us to keep up with the various pharmacy changes in the many insurance plans that we accept. If we prescribe a medicine that has a high co-pay or is not covered by your insurance, please let us know. We can often find an acceptable and less expensive alternative.


Please allow 3 business days for renewal of prescriptions. We request that renewal of prescriptions be taken care of during our Monday through Friday business hours. The following information is helpful:

  • Name and date of birth of child
  • Exact name, strength, dose, and frequency of medication
  • Pharmacy name, location and phone number. Most of the time we will be able to send prescriptions electronically.
  • If you are leaving us a message by phone with the above information, please speak clearly. Spelling the name of the medication is also helpful to avoid error.