The Louise Wilcox ALS Clinic
A multidisciplinary treatment program for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

What to Expect at The Louise Wilcox ALS Clinic

You will be greeted upon arrival and brought into a private examination room to meet with physicians and the rest of the clinical team. Our staff will work with you to establish a plan for the treatment of the disease and symptom management. Your appointment should last a few hours, but you may choose to meet with clinicians during a future visit. You are encouraged to bring a family member or friend for company and support. Refreshments are provided.

  • Our clinic coordinator will arrange your appointment and coordinate your aftercare and follow up needs.
  • A speech pathologist will evaluate any speech and swallowing issues. A recommendation for an evaluation for a communication device may be made.
  • A nutritionist will review the importance of diet and will make any necessary recommendations. This may include dietary adjustments for easier swallowing and increased calorie intake, tips for preparing food, and foods to avoid.
  • Our physical therapist and occupational therapist will discuss and make suggestions about prolonging mobility and function. Recommendations may include exercise, adaptive equipment, or outpatient or at home therapy.
  • A social worker will work with you and your support team to provide emotional support and clinical assessment.