Newport Psychiatry

A Lifespan Physician Group Practice

Newport Psychiatry

Newport Psychiatry is a Lifespan Physician Group practice that offers a full range of mental and behavioral health care services in an outpatient setting.

For those patients who require a more intensive level of care, Newport Hospital also provides a partial hospitalization program, designed to help adults of all ages cope with mental and behavioral health challenges in a structured treatment environment.  Patients have the benefit of intensive daily therapy, while still returning home at night and on weekends. Learn more about the Newport Hospital Adult Partial Hospitalization Program.

Newport Hospital also partners with Bradley Hospital to offer child and adolescent behavioral health care services in Newport County. Learn more about child and adolescent behavioral health services in Newport.

Our Team

Psychiatrists are on staff to offer psychiatric diagnosis, psychopharmacologic medication management, and other psychiatric interventions. 

Christine Greenia, MD Headshot

Christine Greenia, MD

Chair, Psychiatry at Newport Hospital; Director, Newport Lifespan Physician Group, Adult Psychiatry and Behavioral Health

Heather Morse Hall, MD Headshot

Heather Morse Hall, MD

Staff Psychiatrist, Newport Hospital

Farrel I. Klein, MD Headshot

Farrel I. Klein, MD

Psychiatrist, Newport Hospital

Bethany Rallis, PhD, LCP Headshot

Bethany Rallis, PhD, LCP

Director, Adult Partial Hospital Program, Newport Hospital

Jyllian Rogers, MSN, PMHNP-BC Headshot

Jyllian Rogers, MSN, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Jayne L. Shadlyn, MD Headshot

Jayne L. Shadlyn, MD


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