Noreen Stonor Drexel Birthing Center

Newport Hospital

About the Noreen Stonor Drexel Birthing Center at Newport Hospital

Our team includes board certified obstetricians, pediatricians, a certified nurse midwife, certified lactation consultants and a highly rated nursing staff with national certification in obstetrical nursing.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) is the leading national obstetrical organization that recommends standards for the operations of obstetrical units at hospitals throughout the United States. Hospital accrediting bodies such as The Joint Commission (TJC) look to ACOG for guidance in establishing the TJC Hospital Accreditation Standards.

Obstetricians, anesthesiologists and certified nurse mid-wives at community hospitals throughout the United States, including Newport Hospital, may not be physically present in the hospital at all times. ACOG guidelines require that obstetricians and certified nurse midwives at community hospitals must be within 30 minutes of the hospital if not physically present. Newport Hospital is in full compliance with ACOG and TJC standards.

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For more information or to arrange an in-person tour, please call us at 401-845-1110.

We're Baby-Friendly!

The Noreen Stonor Drexel Birthing Center at Newport Hospital carries the prestigious Baby-Friendly designation from the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Newport Hospital is recognized for providing an optimal environment for the promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding. Hospitals are awarded this status only when trained, independent evaluators have determined that all hospital practices meet the rigorous Baby-Friendly standards.

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Take an online tour of Newport Hospital’s award-winning birthing center. To arrange an in-person tour please call us at 401-845-1110.

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