Outpatient Group Therapy Programs for Kids, Teens and Parents


The aim of BALANCE (Breathe, Act, Learn About Nutrition, Control, Exercise) is to help young people and their families learn how thinking and feeling can affect everyday behaviors, and how movement and nutrition affect overall well-being.

BALANCE provides cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness activities, and healthy lifestyle education for adolescents as well as support and guidance for parents or guardians.

BALANCE is a 16-week after-school program. At the weekly 90-minute meetings, the group participates in:

  • Extended mindfulness practice
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) focusing on mood, nutrition, and health
  • Brief, mild-to-moderate physical activity

Parents or guardians share weekly in a brief opening activity with their adolescent before attending their own 45-minute education and support group.

The group promotes connections with others and strategies for healthier eating and daily exercise, while encouraging activities that enhance mood and build self-confidence.

How to Join BALANCE

To be considered, adolescents must be 13 to 18 years old and agree to:

  • Complete an initial evaluation to determine eligibility
  • Have a pretreatment nutritional consultation with individual follow-up
  • Participate in group treatment with other teens
  • Engage in brief exercise sessions
  • Adopt healthier eating habits that encourage weight loss

Eligible teens must have one caregiver willing to participate in the BALANCE program.

For more information, please call 401-432-1081.

Learn more about the BALANCE program (PDF download)