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Audiology is a field of clinical practice devoted to hearing disorders, assessment of hearing, hearing conservation, and aural rehabilitation.

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Hearing disorders may be congenital (present from birth) or due to injury, disease, or the wear and tear that occurs over time. Auditory injuries can stem from chronic exposure to excessively loud music through earbuds, noise in the workplace, or recreation such as snowmobiling.

The goal of aural rehabilitation is to optimize a person's ability to participate in activities of daily life that have been limited due to hearing loss or impairment.

What Do Audiologists Treat?

Audiologists are health care professionals who treat a patient’s hearing impairment or hearing loss. They are qualified to assess hearing loss and fit hearing aids.

Audiologists are certified to perform other evaluations and treatments, such as for tinnitus (a perception of buzzing, humming, or ringing in the ears without external stimulus) and balance disorders.

Balance disorders may be caused by viral or bacterial infections, head injuries, disorders of blood circulation affecting the inner ear or brain, certain medications, and aging.

How We Treat Your Hearing Disorder

While most hearing losses can’t be reversed, a hearing specialist can improve what you hear. Once your hearing is assessed, the audiologist will recommend the best treatment plan.

At Lifespan, we help patients hear and communicate through the services of our Adult Cochlear Implant Program and Hearing Aid/Assistive Device Dispensing Program

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