Pediatric Hematology / Oncology
Hasbro Children's Hospital

The Tomorrow Fund

Having a child with cancer is terrifying, exhausting and emotionally devastating. It's also expensive, and families of pediatric cancer patients are especially vulnerable to financial hardship. Noting that the average course of treatment lasts 24 months, it's hard to hold down a job when you know you'll be spending the better part of the next two years at Hasbro Children's Hospital. For two-parent families there is a significant loss of income in the face of mounting medical bills and for single parents it can be catastrophic.

Best known for its support of the Edwin N. Forman Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Center at Hasbro Children's Hospital, The Tomorrow Fund offers a broad spectrum of assistance to pediatric cancer patients and their families, from psychosocial services to community referrals to financial support.

Through The Tomorrow Fund, the family of every child at the pediatric oncology clinic receives: 

  • A daily stipend for the hospital cafeteria or for other routine expenses.
  • A parking pass for the duration of the child's treatment.
  • Assistance with general living expenses. Sometimes children travel across the country for bone marrow transplants, so families must live near the hospital for several months. The fund helps pay for rent, groceries and other expenses.
  • Cellular phones while away, provided at no charge by Bell Atlantic.

The Tomorrow Fund supports several positions in the pediatric oncology clinic at Hasbro Children's Hospital and stocks the clinic with welcome distractions for its young patients. It depends on the donations of generous Rhode Islanders and the energy of dedicated volunteers, whose ages range from 17 to 85, and is especially grateful for the support of the Rhode Island Hospital family.

For more information, please call the fund's office at 401-444-8811, or visit the Tomorrow Fund online.