School spring vacation is happening for many public schools in Rhode Island, and while it may not be as sunny as some popular vacation spots, there are still ways to keep your family engaged and connected during your staycation. Take this opportunity to reconnect with your kids (and disconnect from screens) with these fun and free local activities.

Public parks/ Bike trails/Hikes

Pack a picnic and load the bikes in the car for a day outdoors at your local public park or bike trail. Younger kids can enjoy the playgrounds and all ages will love a bike ride through a scenic trail. Rhode Island also has some gorgeous spots for light hiking that serve as a fun, healthy way to spend the day with your kids of any age.

Cook a meal together

Plan a night where your family cooks a meal together. Each member can have a specific job to do and it will keep the kids occupied and engaged, while learning valuable culinary lessons. Then, you can sit down and enjoy the meal as a family. 

Play board games

Board games are a great way to spend a night in with the family. Card games like Ratuki, board games like Life or Clue and physical games like Twister are fun for the whole family. Invite cousins and family friends over for added fun.

Go to the library

The local libraries are constantly hosting events for kids, so take a look at their websites to see the activities scheduled for the week. In addition to borrowing books, young kids can participate in sing-a-longs, story hour and other educational events.


Go to the community pool or beach

It might not exactly be beach weather, but the waves are beautiful to look at while you fly a kite or play Frisbee on the beach. If you’d rather stay indoors, visit your community indoor pool with the kids to have a fun-filled day of swimming.


Camp out

Camping out in your living room or backyard can be a fun pretend vacation for kids. Build a tent with cots outside or a pillow fort indoors. Make s’mores and shadow puppets for an unplugged evening together.


Do crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to engage your child’s creative side while spending quality time with them. Paint or color pictures, make dreamcatchers or try the new slime craze that kids love.


However you choose to spend your staycation, it’s important that kids unplug from their devices for some parts of the day. It’s not necessary to plan out every moment, but parents and kids will benefit from some quality time spent together.

Lifespan Blog Team

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