Pharmacists play a key role in our lives – usually when you’re sick!

Pick up your prescriptions quickly

Here at Lifespan, our pharmacists want to be sure you get the right medications when you need them. That's true whether you’re at the hospital and after you leave. In fact, we’ve opened several Lifespan Pharmacy locations just for the that reason. 

If you’ve had a hospital stay, or an outpatient procedure, we know what you want: To go home! But often you leave with a prescription that needs to be filled, meaning a wait at your local pharmacy.

We don’t want you to wait! Lifespan Pharmacy locations in the hospitals can you get the prescriptions filled before you leave, and we even deliver them right to your bedside. Or you can have a family member or friend come by the Lifespan Pharmacy near the main lobby to pick them up. Either way you’ll leave the hospital with your prescriptions in hand.

Our know you

The pharmacists at Lifespan Pharmacy have access to your hospital records, including the medications you were on and your lab tests. This lets them do extra checks on your prescription if needed. They can also get in touch with your doctor for questions about your prescription or insurance much easier than an outside pharmacist.

Refill your prescriptions easily

You have a few options. Lifespan Pharmacy is open to the public so anyone can use it, whether you are a patient or not. If you don’t want to come back to the hospital for refills, we can mail them to your home for free. We also have a free home delivery service.

Some people have a good relationship with their neighborhood pharmacist and want to go back there for refills. We can easily work with your neighborhood pharmacist to transfer the refills there; just let us know.

Lifespan Pharmacy also accepts most insurances. Our pharmacy staff will work with you, and your doctor if necessary, if there are any problems with coverage. Some patients who have diseases such as cancer, autoimmune, hepatitis C, and multiple sclerosis need treatments referred to as “specialty” medications. Lifespan Pharmacy has the only accredited Specialty Pharmacy in Rhode Island and can also fill many of these prescriptions, based on insurance coverage.

Want to have your prescriptions filled at Lifespan Pharmacy? Let your doctor or nurse know, or just bring your prescriptions to us. We’ll take care of the rest! 

At Lifespan Pharmacy our priority is to keep our patients healthy. It’s all part of delivering health with care. Learn more about Lifespan Pharmacy and how we can help you with your prescription needs. 

Christine Collins, MBA, RPh

Christine M. Collins, MBA, RPh, FASHP

Christine Collins, MBA, RPh, FASHP, is senior vice president and chief pharmacy officer for Lifespan and president, Lifespan Pharmacy, LLC, Lifespan’s retail and specialty pharmacy corporation.