Bradley Hospital
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Confidentiality Policy

During the course of your family’s involvement with Bradley Hospital, you will share personal information about yourself as well as about your child. As described in the Lifespan Joint Privacy Notice, Bradley Hospital is required by federal law to safeguard your child’s protected health information. Bradley Hospital is also bound by the requirements of Rhode Island Mental Health Law, which provides some additional protections to the confidentiality of health information. This means that all information and records about your child that we obtain and maintain are confidential, including the fact that your child was evaluated and treated here. This also means that we must have your written permission to request or release confidential information about your child.

However, there are certain exceptions to the requirement that we obtain your written permission to release or request confidential information. These exceptions are described below.

For your child’s health care, we may release his or her confidential information:

  • To health care professionals who are providing or will provide, services to your child, such as when we arrange for your child’s follow-up care after discharge.
  • In medical emergencies if your child’s health or life is in jeopardy, such as if your child is in need of care in an emergency room.
  • For aid, insurance or medical assistance. For example, we may release the information to have your child’s treatment paid for by your insurance company.
  • For program evaluation and research, such as when we conduct studies to improve our treatment. 
  • For certain legal purposes, like court committal proceedings when it may be necessary to receive permission from a judge to treat your child, or if a judge orders us to turn over your child’s records in court.
  • As required by law or regulation, we may release information to the Rhode Island Department of Health, such as in the investigation of complaints about your child’s treatment here, or to the Department of Children, Youth and Families if we have reason to suspect abuse or neglect.
  • As required by law or regulation, we may release information to the Rhode Island Department of Health or the Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals such as the investigation and complaints or certain events concerning your child’s treatment here. Bradley Hospital expects that our patients and families will respect the privacy of other patients, families and visitors. We hope that you share this important value.