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The Brite Lite employee recognition program was launched in 2002, and highlights five employees who have gone above and beyond their everyday duties to make the patients and families with whom they come into contact feel safe, important, and well cared for.

Brite Lites are selected as those who best exemplify Lifespan's C.A.R.E values at Hasbro Children’s Hospital: Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

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Congratulations to Our 2022 Brite Lites

Patients and their families salute Hasbro Children's Hospital's 2022 Brite Lites.

Hayley Zackarian, BSN, RN

Hayley Zackarian, BSN, RN

2022 Brite Lite

"Hayley was all about patience, compassion, and consent."

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Abigail Cruz, BSN, RN

Abigail Cruz, BSN, RN

2022 Brite Lite

"Abbie gave Sofi a safe space to voice her humorous opinions."

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Nathalie Paz, BSN, RN

To help better understand where I’m coming from let me tell you a little about my son. Jaxen is 4 years old and trach/vent dependent. He is developmentally a 6 to 9-month-old and completely non-verbal. He cannot tell what’s wrong or what’s hurting and even as his mother it's difficult at times to know what’s wrong.  This was an incredibly scary hospital stay. Jaxen had to fight off two viruses and a bacterial infection. This stay included new treatments and things we’ve never needed to do before. We have always been in the PICU with every other hospital admission, so being on the 4th floor made me nervous. Too many doctors and nurses jokingly said they have no idea on how to care for trach and vented patients and they’d page respiratory for everything. Respiratory complained a lot about being short staffed. This made it a very difficult and uncomfortable stay at times. The first three weeks I never even left his room to walk to the café for a drink or outside for fresh air. I have three other children at home and live 45 minutes from the hospital.  How was I ever going to feel okay leaving to spend time with my other children other than the one night a week my husband could switch off. 

Then came Nathalie. She was the nurse I so desperately needed. Not only did she not act overwhelmed or uncomfortable around my son, she heard everything I said to her whether it was pushing meds slow, talking to him before touching him because he’s blind and will startle, to telling the doctors - when I wasn’t there - that I wouldn’t want him restarting formula without his gut med. She didn’t just pretend to listen while I vented, SHE HEARD ME. I was shocked to find out she hasn’t even been a nurse very long but the nurses that have been there a decade or two could learn a thing or two from her. She deserves every bit of praise, and I could never ever thank her enough. Thank you for your time and reading this long letter. A very, very thankful mom. 

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Connor Wilson, MD

Connor (as he asked us to call him) was incredibly compassionate when caring for my son from the moment we met him. He not only explained everything he did to my very ill, nonverbal special needs child but to me as well. He made it a point to explain everything that was going on with my son's care to me in a way that was easily understood. He always asked if we had questions or concerns afterwards and always put me at ease. When scary emergent situations happened, he made sure to explain what was happening and why what had to be done was important for my son to get better. When the attending doctor spoke of a potential procedure Connor made sure to come and speak to me later in the day and explained what that procedure entailed and put my mind at ease. He always came to say "hi" to us every morning and "goodbye" every night. He was very gentle and kind when examining my son. He was always smiling and happy. When I cried, he offered me support and when I laughed he laughed with me. He exemplifies compassion.

Connor showed accountability for my son's care and wellbeing by always coming to speak to us at the beginning of his shift and at the end and answering all of my questions. He explained every part of my child’s care. He performed emergency procedures without hesitation. One of the things I found exemplary about Connor was as a resident his willingness to learn from the attending doctors. I noticed this during rounds. He listened to their instruction. He answered their questions regarding what he thought was best for my son's care and took what they had to say into consideration to ensure he was doing the right things for my son’s well-being.

Connor showed respect to my son by always greeting him and explaining what he was going to do before examining him. As a non-verbal child it is still important to have things explained to him before they happen. I feel Connor showed him dignity and respect every time. He also showed me respect as a mother to a very sick child and never made me feel my worry and fear was unwarranted. He was never dismissive. He acknowledged my feels and did his best to put me at ease.

Connor showed excellence in his care of my son by showing his compassion at all times. By his attentiveness to my son's needs as well as mine. He never rushed me when asking several questions. He was confident yet humble. He made me feel that he strived to do absolutely everything he could to help my son get better. When he was unsure, he asked his colleagues. He always followed up with me. He asked for my input and asked for the input of the nurses. I feel as if he truly cares for children and helping them and their families. I know that when he finishes his residency, he will be an excellent doctor in whatever area of practice he chooses.

I sincerely hope Connor Wilson is considered for the Brite Lite award. I will never forget the level of care, commitment, and compassion that he showed to my son and I, in what was the scariest and most difficult time in our lives. Connor is a special person. I would be proud to have him as my son’s doctor. Even if Connor does not win this award, he is and will always be a Brite Lite in our lives.

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Hayley Zackarian, BSN, RN

She knew how anxious our son was to have his IV removed. He hadn’t slept in two days. She totally understood where he was at.

She wanted him to have a good experience and to help him get to a comfortable place.

She let him decide how to do it and how he wanted to be touched. She treated him with total respect and gave him autonomy and choice.

Hayley was all about patience, compassion, and consent. She took an hour with our son. Talked to him like a whole person. Let him take the lead. Talked him through how to remove the IV himself. She was there for him every step of the way. She was outstanding. Truly an angel. Such a special person. We are so grateful for her care at a very scary time for our family.

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Erica King, BSN, RN

Erica was very kind and caring and used humor along with Sofia to get all of us through a scary post-op night.

Erica listened to Sofi’s concerns about her pain and requested additional resources to help her. Bringing in the Pain Team to make sure Sofi’s pain was managed.

Erica showed all of us respect and involved us in every aspect of Sofi’s care.  She made special arrangements so we could be with Sofi after a late-night post-op surgery.

Erica is an amazing nurse who went above and beyond to help our family. She is a very knowledgeable and dedicated nurse and used her humor to engage my teenage daughter and make her laugh.

Erica took care of my daughter directly after a 7-hour neurosurgery. Sofi is a complex patient and required a great deal of care. Erica spent almost the entire night in our room helping and caring for Sofi. She always made us feel at east and had a smile on her face. She is a great nurse!

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Abigail Cruz, BSN, RN

My daughter’s nurse “Abbie” was kind to our entire family during the stay in the PICU. She made Sofi feel less scared by explaining things in a way she could understand. Holding her hand when she was scared.

Abbie made sure if there was a problem to address it right away and work with us to find a solution.

Abbie showed great respect to our family and gave Sofi a safe space to voice her humorous opinions.

Abbie went above and beyond to help care for Sofi. Taking time out of her busy day to get a pass and take Sofi outside for fresh air which Sofi requested to help her heal. This made a big difference in her physical and mental health.

Abbie gave all of us a reassurance that what ever happened we would work through it together.  She really listened to my daughter and always kept a great sense of humor.  We will never forget Abbie! My daughter cannot wait to go back to visit her. Outstanding Nursing Care!

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