Rhode Island Hospital

Insurance and Billing at Rhode Island Hospital

If your admission to the hospital is a planned admission, you should have received a phone call prior to your admission to make payment for your estimated out-of-pocket expenses. Those who elect to stay in a private room must pay for the room in advance. If your admission to the hospital was not planned, we will verify your insurance information upon your admission. A patient financial advocate will meet with you during your stay to review your estimated out-of-pocket expenses.

Hospitals have a chargemaster, a comprehensive list of all items that can be billed to a patient or insurance provider. Although these charges are rarely paid due to the discounts negotiated by private insurers, hospitals use them as a starting point for billing in order to comply with federal regulations.

Whether your stay was planned or unplanned, we will bill your insurance company at the end of your visit for all covered services you received. Once we receive payment from your insurance company, we will bill you for any balance remaining on your account or for any services not covered by your policy.

Payment must be made immediately upon receipt of your bill.

Please bring a photo ID and your health insurance card with you when you come to the hospital. Payment for deductibles and/or co-payments, the amounts of which are indicated on your insurance card, should be made before you leave the hospital. Rhode Island Hospital accepts cash, checks and major credit cards.

Certain charges are not billed by the hospital and will not appear on your hospital statement. These include the fees of your personal physician, specialists who participate in your care and private duty nurses. You might receive separate bills for their services, often under different names (such as the name of a medical practice). Please be aware that these charges might or might not be covered by your insurance policy.