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Social Workers
Get the facts about social workers.
Who are clinical social workers and what do they do?

Clinical social workers are licensed mental health professionals trained to help people find solutions to life's most difficult situations. Clinical social workers earn a master's degree in social work and like physicians, attorneys and other professionals; they then specialize in a particular area of practice such as mental health, health care, employee assistance programs or private practice.

Why choose a clinical social worker?
Clinical social workers are trained in individual couples, family and group therapy. They believe in drawing upon the strengths of the individual and are skilled at mobilizing family, friends and community resources to help solve problems.

How can a clinical social worker help me at Rhode Island Hospital?
Licensed clinical social workers are members of the health care team who assist patients and families with the stresses associated with sudden and chronic illness and its impact on everyday life. Social workers often consult with your medical team and help to facilitate communication with your doctors and nurses. Social workers are also knowledgeable about community resources and can refer you to appropriate programs.

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