A Gratitude Story - The Rios Family

A gratitude story, the Rio Family
Husband Hector Rios and his wife Gail Mance-Rios along with Hector’s mother Eunice Rios

Dear President Ducharme,

Last week on Tuesday morning around 1:30 am, my 90-year-old mother complained of chest pain. Without hesitation, I drove her to The Miriam Hospital Emergency Room. Within minutes, the staff of nurses and doctors quickly realized she was having a heart attack. A few hours later, she was in the Critical Care Unit recovering from a double stent procedure. Four days later she is back at home, remarkable!

Your superheroes don’t wear capes or have supernatural powers. Instead, they wear scrubs, stethoscopes, and smiles. Healing powers greater than any Hollywood fiction. Words cannot describe our eternal gratitude to The Miriam Hospital (also known as The Heroes Den) staff of the Emergency Room, CCU, and Fourth Floor East.

Once again, thank you.

Best regards,

Gail and Hector I. Rios

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