Elizabeth Grant

Elizabeth Grant, BSN, RN

Elizabeth Grant, BSN, RN, is a registered nurse and a nurse educator for the Lifespan Nursing Assistant School. Mentoring and helping train aspiring nurses has been a passion throughout her 28-year career. Her approach to both patient care and teaching is founded on positivity, shared knowledge and experience, and a love of the profession.

Grant has extensive experience creating onboarding processes and orientation materials for preceptors and new nurses. She enjoys mentoring and derives great satisfaction from seeing her fellow nurses realize their own professional goals. Most recently, she worked at an ambulatory surgical center in a variety of roles, including admitting, pre-admission testing, and the operating room. Prior to that, she was a critical care nurse and worked in the emergency department at Rhode Island Hospital.

Grant earned an associate degree in nursing from Community College of Rhode Island and a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Rhode Island College.