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Welcome to LifeChart, Lifespan’s new electronic health record platform.

LifeChart is the new Lifespan electronic health record (EHR), replacing LifeLinks. It is a comprehensive platform, using Epic software, that allows us to share information seamlessly throughout our health care system, from our hospitals and clinics, to our ambulatory centers and community partners. 

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LifeChart is the new Lifespan electronic health record (EHR).

It creates one integrated record where we can chart our patients’ care and health conditions, promoting better, safer and more coordinated care. Among the many tasks staff and providers can complete, all within the same system:

  • Register and schedule patients
  • Track patient movement throughout the system
  • Review patients’ test results
  • Order medications and tests
  • Use order sets
  • View and capture images
  • Coordinate billing

This new EHR will better position us to improve the health of our population, to work with our partners more effectively, and to meet the challenges of a changing health care landscape.   

LifeChart Includes

MyLifespan Patient Portal

Through MyLifespan, patients can review their laboratory and imaging test results, see what medications they’re supposed to be taking, learn about their conditions, and more. Patients can also send messages to their doctors and care teams, and the care teams can send messages to the patients as well. In addition, patients can request or even schedule appointments. MyLifespan is also available to download as an app for smartphones. For more information, visit


LifespanLink is the portal through which community providers can view their patients’ medical records when those patients are seen at Lifespan hospitals or facilities. LifespanLink is free and accessible to any community provider, after a simple enrollment process. To sign up, go to

Care Everywhere

LifeChart makes it much easier to exchange information with hospitals and physician offices across the country. With just a few clicks, Care Everywhere allows us to share crucial patient information with any other facility that uses the Epic EHR. For patients who are away for the winter or traveling, hospitals in other locations will be able to access information from our LifeChart record. Many excellent hospitals and academic medical centers are currently using the Epic EHR, including Yale New Haven, the Cleveland Clinic, Kaiser Permanente, University of Florida Health, and numerous others in every region of the country. 

More about LifeChart (PDF Download)