Kai's Story

My son's name is Kai. He's a cool kid. He's just seven, but that boy sure does like to move. When he started with dance, we had no idea where it was going to go.

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Ramona's Story

All in all, there wasn't much more I could want from life. But one scary moment shattered it all.

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Lifespan Stories

High temperatures, open wounds, minor concussions and major traumas. We see it all. Every day.


What never fails to inspire us are the varied and remarkable people whose lives we get to play a role in as we help them return to health. It is our privilege to be entrusted with this responsibility. We work hard to honor it by Delivering health with care.

Carole dancing at a pow wow


I've got 28 grandchildren, 8 great-grandkids and 2 great-greats. You'd think I'd need more than my knee replaced.

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Chase with her son.


How do you become fast friends with the nurses in the maternity ward? Have four kids in six years.

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Emmanuel drawing


I don't call them disabilities. Just challenges. He enjoys every single thing in life. He has taught me so much.

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It was scary. His lips were tingling. His heart was slowing. I've never been so happy to live close to a hospital.

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Maybe I've had to deal with more than most 14 year-olds. But you won't hear me complain. I've got a concert to practice for.

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In many ways this disease has been a blessing. I am so grateful for every day. And I look forward to many more.

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I was ready to give up. But I thought of my son, and then my daughter took her first steps in my hospital room.

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I remember being more worried about them cutting my beard than I was about them cutting open my chest.

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I've been so lucky—sometimes I think God’s not ready for me and the devil has a restraining order on me.

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Sometimes people get lucky and grow out of it. It was the opposite for me.

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She's only seven, but she's very mature. Probably because she's had to be. This is a girl who doesn't give up easily.

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Tumors near my spine could have paralyzed me. But as you can see from the rebound I just grabbed, they didn't.

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Not everyone believes in miracles. But I live with one.

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It came out of nowhere and turned my life upside down. I'm so happy to have it right side up again.

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Plain, old boring life doesn't seem so plain or old or boring after you've survived what I did.

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